Monday, November 30, 2009

Started a new blog and a name change for this one

I've just started a new blog at

I don't have a good name for it, so for now I'll just call it "RPGs, boardgames, and gaming". I've copied my texts on those subjects (and close to them) from this blog to that one, and intend to keep these subjects in their own, separate blogs (both bilingual - mostly in English, but partly in Finnish).

For that reason, this blog was renamed simply (also for lack of better title) "Jouni Vilkka's Philosophy". I will write here anything at least remotely philosophical, or intellectual. I might write about academic philosophy, history, the human sciences, or the natural sciences. Or I might write about my own political views (if any), or about things that important in my personal life, such as working out, or Secular Humanism, Scientific Skepticism, things like that. Time will tell what (if anything) I actually end up publishing here. :)

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