Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday poem

This is a poem I originally wrote in the mid 1990s (perhaps 1995, but I can't be sure) as a birthday greeting for a friend. I've used it repeatedly for the same purpose afterwards.
As another personal note, I haven't really celebrated my birthdays since I was 13, but it's not for a fear of death. It's because birth, in my more or less humble opinion, is not something worth celebrating.

Happy birthday?

Each day we live
each taken breath
is taking a step
'wards sooner death

That was the short little poem. You could take it in several ways I guess. Drop me a line if you think it was any good, or stopped you to think. Or if you want to comment on it in any way. Otherwise I'll keep thinking that I'm only blogging for myself. :-)

Oh, and if you think it's good enough to be used (as a birthday greeting, for non-commercial uses, of course), you're free to do so, including the proper credit (i.e. "by Jouni Vilkka"). Not that you'd actually think it's that good, but one can dream. :-)

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